Baptism of Jesus

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John the Baptist had a humble attitude just as we should have humble attitudes today. Jesus was not baptized for the remission of sin but He was baptized because it was God’s will for Him to do so. When Christ was baptized God declared His identity as His Son and He expressed great approval of Him. And the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus when He was baptized.

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Cliff Goodwin
Cliff and his wife, Beth (Williams), are native Alabamians. They are blessed with a son Cade, and two daughters: Kinley and Lakelyn. Cliff is a graduate of Memphis School of Preaching (1995) and Faulkner University (1997). Over the last fifteen years he has labored with the Ironaton church of Christ, located outside of Talladega, Alabama. During this time he has done extensive television evangelism—initially in the local market and recently on Gospel Broadcasting Network (GBN). As of 2012, Cliff is the host of Searching the Scriptures and Preaching the Gospel—both of which can be seen on GBN.