Be of Good Cheer (Part 1)

Allen WebsterAudio

We must not let our failures define us. We must keep living for Christ and keep working for the kingdom of God. We must be prepared to endure the trials of this life and we must keep pressing forward.

We will all deal with grief over lost loved ones but we must not let it stop us. We must remember that God is always here to comfort us when we are suffering. God comforts us when we pray to Him. He also comforts us through the kindness of our brethren. He comforts us through hope of the resurrection as well.

We will have to deal with loss of property in this life as well. We must recognize that nothing we own is truly ours but it actually belongs to God. We must realize that we will someday give up all of our material possessions. And we must remember that God has promised to take care of all of our needs.

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