Be of Good Cheer (Part 2)

Allen WebsterAudio

There are certain things we will all suffer in life. Discouragement grief and loss of property are a few kinds of suffering that we must endure.

Betrayal is another challenge that we must overcome. When we feel betrayed we must not focus upon a single individual who has hurt us but we must instead focus on all the people who have been faithful friends to us. We must not feel that it is our responsibility to get revenge either.

Disappointment is yet another struggle we must face in life. We must not focus upon missed opportunities but we must look forward to the opportunities ahead. We have to realize that God may have greater plans for us than the plans we made for ourselves.

Handicaps may also be a difficulty we will have to face. We must realize that injuries and illnesses are not a sign of sin or spiritual weakness. We must do what we can in order to treat our bodies and improve our health. We must ask our brethren to pray for our health. And we must learn to glory in God’s strength when we are feeling weak personally.

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