David Confesses Sin Psalm 51

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God offers His children forgiveness when we repent and confess our sins. However it is far better to avoid committing sin in the first place. Sin has consequences and we may have to live with some of those consequences until the day that we die. David committed one particular series of sins that proved to be terribly destructive.

David stayed in his palace when he should have been with his army. During this time he committed adultery with another man’s wife. He also ordered this woman’s husband to be killed. And after all this he took this woman to be his wife.

David repented of these sins but he had to face the consequences. David lost several children as a result of his sin. His wives were also defiled in the sight of his whole nation because of his sin.

Sin is an act of rebellion against God. It twists us perverts us and corrupts us. It prevents us from carrying out the will of God. And it is an act of evil.

David realized he was guilty of sin. He took personal responsibility for his sins. He also realized that God could cleanse him from his sin. And he came to realize the relief that comes from God’s forgiveness as well.

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