Four Things David Teaches about Criticism

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At one of the lowest points in David’s life his own son tried to overthrow his kingdom. If this was not bad enough David faced ridicule from a man who harbored a grudge against him as he fled from his home. We can learn some great lessons by studying David’s behavior in this particular instance.

For one David teaches us that we can trust God in times of crisis. He teaches us that God will hear our prayers and answer them no matter where we are. He also teaches us that we can trust God to punish us fairly. He teaches us that blessings can come through tribulation as well. And he teaches us that we can trust the Lord to save us ultimately.

David also teaches us not to retaliate against our critics. He teaches us to keep the big picture in mind rather than our personal vendettas as well. And he teaches us not to abdicate our responsibilities when justice is at stake.

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